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You work hard at the office and stay busy when you get home, yet you still crave efficient fat loss and muscle-building results. You've tried countless diets, workouts, and supplements, but the weight won't budge—or worse, it keeps coming back! It's starting to feel hopeless.

But what if I told you there's a way to lose fat without strict dieting or long, boring workouts?

Hi, I'm Victor, an expert fitness coach specializing in helping Busy People burn fat, build muscle, and, most importantly, keep it that way!

Let me introduce you to Chronis, the operations manager of a top pizzeria in Baltimore.

Much like you, Chronis is a very busy person. He works long days and still makes time to play with his now 9-year-old son when he gets home. When we started, Chronis weighed 200 lbs. In just 3 months of working together, he lost over 30lbs of fat and gained 5lbs of muscle. His life has changed dramatically: Chronis now has the energy to power through a 12-hour day, get home, enjoy dinner, play with his son, put him to bed, and spend quality time with his wife, who has personally told me she loves the results too!

Despite his incredibly hectic schedule, Chronis found an expert fitness coach who delivered the dramatic fat loss and muscle-building results he desired, all without disrupting his lifestyle. The transformation added priceless value to his life.

If you're like Chronis—juggling a busy work and family life—and want to achieve incredible results without sacrificing your lifestyle, click the button below to apply now!

What We Do

Shed Unwanted Bodyfat

  • Conquer Cravings: Eat better and resist temptations

  • Boost Energy: Start refreshed, stay energized during the day

  • Slim Down: Lose inches and get back into "those" pants.

Build Lean Muscle

  • Get Stronger: Gain strength to feel good and prevent injury

  • Look Great: Sculpt muscle tone to look great in any outfit

  • Rev Metabolism: Ramp up fat burning and reach your goals

  • Boost Confidence: Improve self-image & self-esteem

Victor Egonu

Founder of Fit-Edge Coaching

ACSM Certified Expert Fitness Coach

MS in Biomedical Sciences

Drug-Free Pro Natural Bodybuilder

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  • Discuss Your Goals

  • Assess Current Fitness

  • Plan How to Reach Goals


  • Gather Current Nutrition Data

  • Make Gym & Cardio Arrangements

  • Invoice & Agreement are Completed


  • Workouts are Assigned to Client

  • Diet Plan is Assigned to Client

  • Progress Check-Ins & Adjustments


  • Celebrate Milestones Achieved

  • Maintain New Habits

  • Discharge Client or Continue


What is Fit-Edge Coaching?

​Fit-Edge is a one-stop shop Online Fitness Coaching Business that provides nutrition and coaching for regular people looking for ridiculous results in the most time efficient manner (ex: losing 30lbs in 3 months)

Who is it For?

Fit-Edge clients are Busy People who have fallen out of shape and struggle to get the results they want due to work and or family duties but haven't given up hope. All they need is a solution like Fit-Edge coaching to help lose unwanted pounds of body fat and build lean muscle for a dramatic change in body composition appearance. These professionals are looking for an all-around fit, healthy and athletic body to match their high performing lifestyle

Why was Fit-Edge Started?

I created Fit-Edge to fill the gap in the fitness coaching industry which is to help regular people who want to attain elite, next level results. This means, the 38 year old businessman with the dad bod who wants to get shredded abs, bigger arms and maintain the trim waist can do so with Fit-Edge coaching so he can look, feel and perform better. We don't sell coaching, we sell results!

How does Coaching Work?

Prospective clients will book a free 15-minute consultation to discuss their goals. If their goals align with the coaching plan, they will commit and become clients, receiving tailored workout and nutrition plans designed to fit their lifestyle. This program promises dramatic physique transformations, increased energy, stronger mental resilience, and invaluable fitness knowledge that will benefit them for years to come.

How much does it Cost?

Costs will vary depending on the package the client signs up for. There are 3 tiers: Beginner ($297), Intermediate ($497), and Advanced ($697) per month.

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