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Victor Egonu, Fit-Edge Founder, MS Biomedical Science, ACSM Certified Trainer, Drug-Free Pro Bodybuilder

Client Chronis: 200lbs---->175lbs in 3 months!

Fit-Edge Goal: Businessmen to Beasts

You work hard at the office, you're busy when you get home but you still want the most efficient fat loss and muscle building results. 

You've tried tons of diets, workouts and supplements but can't seem to drop the weight, or worse, you gain it right back! It's starting to feel hopeless!

What if I could show you how to burn twice the amount of fat without strict dieting or long boring workouts?

Hey, I'm Victor, expert fitness coach that specializes in helping Busy Baltimore Business People burn fat, build muscle and most importantly learn to keep it that way! 

I want you to meet Chronis. He is the operations manager of a top pizzeria in Baltimore. 

Like you, Chronis is a very Busy Baltimore Businessman, working long days, and still having to play with his 3 yr old son when he gets home. He was 200 lbs when we started and within 3 months of working together with me, he lost over 30 lbs of fat and gained 5 lbs of muscle. His life has changed dramatically: Chronis now has the energy to crank out a 12 hr day, get home, eat dinner, play with his son, put him to sleep and spend quality time with his wife, who has personally told me she enjoys Chronis' results as well! 

Point is, he was busy beyond belief, found an expert coach who was the right man for the job, was delivered the dramatic fat-loss, muscle building results he wanted, all without disrupting his lifestyle and adding priceless value.

If you are like Chronis, bound by a busy work and family life and want to see how you can achieve the ridiculous results you desire, click the button below to apply now!

Lose Fat

  • Eat better & avoid temptations like fast food restaurants 
  • More energy to wake up energized, stay energized all day crushing it at work and have enough left in the tank to get home and play with your kids at the end of a long day
  •  Lose inches so that you can fit into those old expensive work pants 

Build Muscle

  • Gain strength and lean muscle for an easier time keeping up with the kids or pickup game with the guys 
  • Gain muscle size to fill out that business suit and look good on the beach during those hard-earned vacations
  • Rev up your metabolism to break through plateaus and burn through body fat faster 
  • Build your self-image to boost your self-esteem and really look like the boss you are
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Victor Egonu

Founder, Fit-Edge

ACSM Certified Expert Fitness Coach

Drug-Free Pro Natural Bodybuilder

MS in Biomedical Sciences

email: [email protected]

website: https://fit-edge.org/