Victor Egonu

"Vision, Intensity, Conquer"

Victor Egonu

Fat Loss 

In order for a body composition swap you must drop weight and by weight I mean body fat. Throughout my decade of natural bodybuilding experience, I have learned how to lose body fat while preserving muscle for a lean, well shaped physique. I developed the M.A.C. method in 2015 to strategically help you cut the fluff without hitting plateaus

Muscle Building

I spent years researching and experimenting with the best methods to build lean muscle naturally without drug use. Although it comes down to simply eat enough, train hard, and stay consistent, it isn't always so simple especially when it comes to figuring out which exercises are best to build the chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs. I will help you figure out the ideal amount of sets, reps and how much weight you should use as well as structuring out your workouts which can have an effect on your gains


Nutrition Expert

Understand which foods are unhealthy vs. healthy, how to count calories and macros, when and how often to eat, and how to control cravings when dieting. Additionally, learning to filter through the fad diets and unsafe dieting practices

Mindset Motivation

I would like to attribute my success in fitness to my training and nutrition knowledge however none of it would be possible if I didn't adopt the necessary mindset to get it done. Before I address the workout and diet of my clients, I ensure their mindset and motivation are where they need to be for success. Learn to focus on your "why" and achievements to make fast progress and break plateaus

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