Summer Shredding Series
fat loss challenge 

Summer Shredding Season is in! Fat loss plan including: diet, workout and cardio program that will help you get ready for summer!
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You run or work for a business and have a hectic schedule because of it, and know just how valuable your time is. There's no greater asset to a Busy Business Person like yourself than a fitness regimen to get summer lean and stay in top form for the grueling demands of your chaotic schedule.  

You may think that getting rid of the winter weight and getting vacation ready is impossible to do with your limited time and that it can work for others or only if you're on a very strict diet and do long boring workouts. 


You see guys, what most Busy Business People don't know is that how efficiently you workout and the way in which you structure your diet are extremely important and can save you loads of time and frustration. 

And that is why I am here to offer my Summer Shredding Series Fat Loss Challenge Program: to help you integrate a highly effective weight loss workout and nutrition strategy to build the muscle, burn the fat, get and stay ready for vacation!

I will coach you using my expert nutritional and training knowledge to shed the pounds and finally look your best this summer. During the program you'll each learn the steps that will take your physique from where it is to a lean, muscular and chiseled physique to hit the beach looking like the boss you are!


As if losing body fat and being coached by an expert fitness coach to get seriously shredded for the summer wasn't enough, I'm going to reward the first top place finisher for the following criteria of the challenge with a prize (listed below), because as businessmen we love to gain a reward for our hard work


1. Fat Loss: Lose 15+ lbs over an 8 week period

2. Dramatic Body Composition Change

3. Improved Nutrition & Training Habits


1 Month of Online Body Comp Swap Advanced Level 2 

Coaching to take your physique to the next level (worth $300!)


2 lbs of Protein Powder


$25 Amazon Gift Card

Seats are limited!

Program Coach:

Victor Egonu

Founder, Fit-Edge

ACSM Certified Expert Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Drug-Free Pro Natural Bodybuilder

MS in Biomedical Sciences




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