Personal Training

Personal Training

Train under the tutelage of a highly experienced fitness coach and reap the full effect of your fitness efforts. It's recommended to consider combining in-personal training with online nutrition coaching to really take your physique to the next level!

Personal Training Features


Workout Schedule

Depending on your fitness goal you will be coached on...

  • How many workouts per week
  • How long each workout will take
  • What body parts to train based on your schedule 
  • Estimated time frame to achieve your fitness goal

Example: if your goal is to lose 20 lbs of fat and improve your shape and conditioning, you might be best training 1 hr a day, 3 or more times per week for 12-16 weeks.


Depending on your fitness goal you will be trained...

  • 30-60 min via most effective exercises and intense workouts ‚Äč
  • How to properly perform each exercise, how many reps to do, how long to rest between sets, workout structuring and how to work around limitations you may have such as injuries.

Example: if your goal is to build upper body strength and add lean mass, you may be taken through a workout composed of presses, rows, etc. to work your chest, back, shoulders, arms and core to stabilize all of the above. 



Your coach will help you stay focused on your "why" and push past your self-conceived limits to the next level of fitness.

Positive reinforcement and high energy are two consistent methods our coaches use to help you achieve high levels of motivation.

Each coach's individual personality & positive vibes are really what shine through setting us apart from other "trainers."


Email/messaging support is offered to each client to clear up any misunderstandings about your in-person workouts and get the support they need. 

(For specific fitness programming and nutritional advice/meal plan/diet consider combining with our online coaching programs in addition).

Personal Training Application Process


Fill Application 

Fill out the personal training application below. A coach will review your application to make sure you will work well together for optimal results 


Submit the application

Once submitted, your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted. If your application is approved for in-personal training, we'll contact you in order to get started.

If for some reason we don't feel you would be a good fit for personal training, we will notify you with recommendations of alternative options. It's rare that it should come to this, however we only work with individuals who are willing to be trained and will put in the necessary effort to achieve their desired body composition

Who Do We Coach for Personal Training

We work with several different client types but the following qualities make for a great match with Fit-Edge coaches. Prior to applying, take a minute to consider if you are:

  • check
    Over age 18
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    In need of how to properly perform compound free-weight exercises that produce maximum results 
  • check
    Looking to lose more than 20 lbs of body fat and or build lean muscle for dramatic appearance changes 
  • check
    Cleared by a medical professional to begin regular and at times intense exercise 
  • check
    Willing to adhere to a consistent workout schedule in order to achieve the goal oriented results you desire
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    Mentally and physically ready to get serious and down to business. Although we always encourage our clients and motivate them to progress, we're experienced fitness coaches not cheerleaders
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    In line with our coaching philosophy: At Fit-Edge we believe in two things: getting you ridiculous results and doing so in the safest and shortest time possible by way of consistent adherence to regular workout routine, appropriate training program and a positive mindset. Although you don't have to be perfect all of the time we expect you to be responsible for the decisions you make and are willing to be coached

Personal Training Application