Level 1: Habitual Coaching Program

Online Habitual Coaching is all about out with the bad and in with the good

This online coaching is great for beginners who are inexperienced with healthy nutrition habits or workout routines. This entry Level 1 Habitual Coaching is the precursor to our high performance Level 2 Body Comp Swap Program.

Habitual Coaching Features


Our Habitual Coaching Nutrition guidance will assist you in learning:

  1. Healthy vs. unhealthy food (yes, there is a difference!)
  2. Eating Patterns: when and how frequently you eat
  3. How to read nutrition labels via the Macro Methodâ„¢ so that you can truly understand portion sizes and calorie control


You'll learn to scale your current fitness level via... ​

  1. How to schedule your weekly workouts and cardio 
  2. How many exercises, sets, reps and how to up the weight
  3. Learn to scale according to your physique goals that compliment your nutrition coaching and learn how they go hand in hand



Email/messaging support is offered to each clientele so that they can clear up any misunderstandings, have any question answered, ask for advice and get the support they need


Performance Rating

During check-in your coach will rate your performance to ensure you are progressing in terms of your good to bad habit ratio and goals.

These ratings will have 3 categories including: nutrition, training, mindset/motivation.

The goal is to have a top rank in each category to ensure good habits are being formed.

*This is done in person if you combo with in-personal training


Mindset Motivation

Success is only possible with the right mindset. Doubt is the destroyer of goals. A positive perspective can turn that all around. 

Your coach ensures you aren't feeling lost with the program and that you have all the help you need at your fingertips. 

We want you to be successful and that can only be accomplished with a positive mindset.

Our mindset and motivation coaching is the most important aspect of habitual coaching as it will determine whether or not the other areas improve or fall apart. We use the positive reinforcement model as the basis of this coaching

Habitual Coaching Application Process


Fill Application 

Fill out the coaching application below. A coach will review your application to make sure you will work well together for optimal results 


Submit the application

Once submitted, your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted. If your application is approved for the Level 1: Habitual Coaching Program, we'll contact you in order to get started.

If for some reason we don't feel you would be a good fit, we will notify you with recommendations of alternative options. It's rare that it should come to this, however we only work with individuals who are willing to be coached and will put in the necessary effort to achieve their desired body composition


Who Do We Coach for Level 1: Habitual Coaching

We work with several different client types but the following qualities make for a great match with Fit-Edge coaches. Prior to applying, take a minute to consider if you are:

  • check
    Over 18 yrs of age
  • check
    In need of getting rid of bad eating and exercise habits and incorporating good ones
  • check
    Looking for the correct way to start a workout routine without disrupting your busy life
  • check
    Inconsistent with your eating habits and deciding healthy vs. unhealthy foods
  • check
    Not sure how to adopt the necessary mindset motivation
  • check
    In need of someone to answer your questions as you figure this whole fitness thing out 
  • check
    Confused on how to filter through which fitness trends are useful vs. which are hype
  • check
    In line with our coaching philosophy: At Fit-Edge we believe in two things: getting you ridiculous results and doing so in the safest and shortest time possible. Although you don't have to be perfect all of the time we expect you to be responsible for the decisions you make and are willing to be coached

Coaching Application