Julie Egonu

Don't Lose Anymore Gains

The easy part is losing the fat or gaining the muscle but the hard part is not losing what you've gained. 

Now how I got into fitness was…

I was 13 years old and I needed an outlet for all of my energy. I decided to lift weights and run track. At age 17 I was my college’s breakout sprinter due to my fitness journey. During my time there I became a sort of “sprinter coach.” After 2 years of success on the track I journeyed off to become a 20 year old professional natural athlete. I then found success on the stage as I did on the track. What I discovered was that I needed a diet plan that worked around my fitness day. As a student I was naturally busy but I was able to “Fit” my workouts in and around my schedule due to a simple yet pro-plan that I developed. 



e-mail: julie@fit-edge.org