FIT-EDGE Body Comp Swap

Want to lose 30 lbs of fat and build 5 lbs of muscle in 2018?

The BODY COMP SWAP Program gives you everything you need to build muscle, burn fat and keep your results for a true TRANSFORMATION!


What if getting the lean & ripped physique you've always wanted was way easier and didn't require bland food, crash diets that backfire or eating scraps for you meals? 

Regulars at the coffee shop, friends and co-workers getting a tad jealous and wonder what the heck you're taking and how you're getting such a massive transformation as they see the changes roll in week after week. 

You now have the energy to crank out a 12 hour work day, get home, eat dinner with the family, hangout with the kids, put them to sleep and spend quality time with the misses who's been loving the results as well!



...And do it it faster than any fitness or diet program you've tried in the past? How confident would you feel about yourself, knowing you finally found the "SECRET FORMULA" to get shredded for the beach or add lean mass to fill out the holiday sweaters? Best of all, to be able to do it year after year because after learning it once, you can use it again and again because the program is that damn good, truly the best on the market! 


...including a progress-based, scale-able, step-by-step system laid out for you...that's sustainable and doesn't interfere with your current lifestyle?

This expert coach helping you troubleshoot the obstacles you know you'll face so you can actually burn the stubborn body fat around the waist, build up the arm, shoulder, chest and back strength and gain lean mass for a celebrity-caliber physique that will have you looking like the boss you are!

All these what-ifs are actually a possibility with FIT-EDGE's Signature BODY COMP SWAP program.


Subject: Calling All Busy Businessmen!

You see, I, like you, was struggling to get back in shape because I was so busy with life.

I was overwhelmed with the workload of wrapping up my masters degree in 2016 on top of the stress of applying to medical school. As things progressed I was burning out which led to really bad workout and eating habits. I may not be a big drinker but I'm talking about burgers, fries and pizza almost every night of the week. I was literally piling on the fluff daily!

I had felt like I was going down a rabbit hole, yet at the end of the rabbit hole was a dead end.

Then,  there was the final straw. I wasn't accepted into med school after applying the second time. I didn't understand, my grades were great and I thought I was a phenomenal candidate, but I suppose it just wasn't meant to be. It was at this point I felt my true calling was still to help people with their health on a grand scale only not via medicine...rather fitness and nutrition.

This was perfect for me, as for the past decade, wherever I would go, a lot of guys would ask me for advice on training, nutrition and supplementation, and I was ultra passionate about sharing advice that could help them out.

Now that I had tons of free time on my hands, I got a job as a personal trainer again but I hated it because I had two huge was that I hated the way personal training was ran in the gyms (trainers were not helping get people results rather just planning and taking clients through workouts and counting reps). 

And the second problem was that I was in the worse shape of my life telling them what they should do to lose weight, build muscle or the best products to take to give them an edge...what a fraud I felt like at the time!  

Finally, it led to the point where I just said screw it "I can't keep living like this! I wanted to start my own fitness coaching business to help guys like me, who wanted to get back in shape but due to a hectic work schedule and or family life just couldn't figure out the recipe to reclaim their glory days. Also, this way they wouldn't have to be taken advantage of at the large-corporate gyms and could actually get real body transformation results...and best part...KEEP THE RESULTS!

So, I knew I had to get back into shape myself so that I could lead by example but I faced struggles that made this difficult...

The real reason why I found it so hard to start the business and thus motivate myself to get back in shape was because I feared what people would think. Here's this guy who went to school for years, got his bachelor's degree in Biology, got his Master's degree in Biomedical Science, on his way to med school and he's going to give it all up to go back to personal training?

This created a mental block and I was fearful to take the first step. I was in a mind trap and didn't know where to start. I also had broke-up with my girlfriend at the time and it seemed like life was just falling apart. This led to my old habits of eating crappy and lackluster, inconsistent workouts again. I guess you could say I was in a depressed state for a time. I just wanted to be acknowledged by my peers and have all the pain and frustration go away of not being able to reclaim my life, get in shape and create the successful business I got all hyped about a few weeks earlier.

I started taking walks with my dog Casey while listening to motivational speeches from Gary-Vaynerchuk, Les Brown, Tony Robbins and many other greats who were in worse situations than me yet they pulled themselves out and rose to the top. Here I was complaining and was too scared to get started on the weight loss journey to lead the way and help guys like me who wanted to transform their physique and lifestyle. It was my moral obligation and I wasn't fulfilling it. Then, one speech in particular from Gary V. said 'close your eyes until you're 29 and then realize you're still young to achieve what you want and screw what other people thought (parents, friends, peers, etc). This motivated my mindset tremendously but now I had to apply it!

I began working out with purpose again, hitting some of my best lifts, I was now building solid muscle. I also started to eat better focusing on quality protein and macros, less sugar and unhealthy fats, and drinking more clear fluids. I was instilling good, healthy habits which further motivated me to take my fitness to the next level. 

Within 12 weeks I had dropped 30 lbs and built lean muscle by first and foremost by working on my mindset. Then, by using a special technique I designed: the M.A.C. Method. This strategic approach used macro ratio swaps (M), adding cardio (A) and cutting calories (C). The only thing is I had to implement adjustments of each aspect carefully or else I could risk losing muscle and stalling out on fat loss. Finally, taking the right supplements gave me the EDGE I needed to really push things further. I have since decided to compete again in natural bodybuilding contests to show off my hard work.

After I completed my transformation, I began working with multiple beta-clients to prove to myself that I could truly help transform these busy individuals with my new "program." 

One after another, using the now termed: BODY COMP SWAP program, these clients easily dropped the fat and built lean muscle and transformed their health habits using the system I designed!

I was stoked and so I decided to make it official and create FIT-EDGE, a fitness coaching business offering both in-studio personal training in Baltimore, MD as well as online fitness & nutrition coaching for those more remote. 

And so, here I was, 18 months after being at my lowest point, feeling like getting back in shape and making something out of my life was impossible, I was now 'the guy' expert in my community helping other guys who are super busy due to work and or family life form healthy habits, and get back into shape by building muscle, losing fat and most importantly keeping it that way so they could have a true life transformation. I wasn't just a personal trainer anymore, I was an expert fitness coach who's goal is now: Transforming Businessmen into Beasts!

In the last 12 months FIT-EDGE has...

  • Helped multiple clients lose 15+ lbs within 12 weeks including 4 who lost 30+lbs while building lean muscle
  • Improved eating habits of clients via coaching and help from our professional chef & meal prep partner 
  • Built a wonderful team of 5 expert trainers and coaches, based out of Baltimore, MD to serve our local community and Transform the lives of Busy Baltimore Businessmen

...And we have now opened up applications to help Busy Businessmen obliterate their fitness goals of building muscle, losing fat and keeping it that way in 2018!



A proven and tested 12-week program that teaches Busy Businessmen how to build muscle, lose fat and keep their hard earned results by improving their exercise and eating habits as well as implementing the strategic M.A.C. Method adjustment system for continuous plateau busting results.

It doesn't matter if you don't have any workout or dieting experience, everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this coaching program.

Battle Tested and proven results
The methods taught in the program 
have been proven with several busy businessmen and clients alike. 

The program is responsible for 4 clients who have lost 30+lbs and built 5 lbs of lean muscle within a brief 12-week period, giving these individuals the break they were looking for when it came to making a truly dramatic transformation in their busy lives.




Phase 1-PRIME

You see, every successful fitness program begins with the fundamentals. Without instilling good habits that are easily repeatable nothing else will work. In this phase we have our clients focus on the following...

  • Goal setting: "Lose 30 lbs"
  • Why: "To look better in my business suit and feel more confident when shirtless on family vacations at beach"
  • Identity formation: "I am a busy businessman and a boss of my life. I will no longer let my chaotic schedule affect my health and fitness as my livelihood and family life depends on it"
  • Fundamentals: 
    • Getting healthy first, looking good second
    • Stress reduction etc.
    • Vitamins, essential fatty acids, more water, protein, vegetables, healthy fats etc.
    • Eating habits
      • Chewing food slower, order of eating etc. 
    • Daily exercise specific for goal of client
  • At the end of this phase, our clients often see a 8-10 lb drop in weight simply from implementing the changes
  • This phase lasts as long as needed to master habits but usually completed within 2-4 weeks

Phase 2-Push

The PUSH phase is where the majority of the magic happens. Once the fundamentals from phase 1 have been mastered, clients will begin implementing M.A.C. method for accelerated fat loss and muscle building...

  • Learn how to track your macros like a pro 
    • Now, fear not when eating out because of flexible dieting
  • Macro Ratio Swapping
    • Optimal carbs, protein and fats ratio for your body-type
    • Converted to grams for easy nutrition tracking
  • Add Cardio
    • Careful addition of cardio can expedite fat loss but knowing how much and not too much is important for long-term metabolic health
  • Cutting Calories
    • Much like adding cardio, your coach will carefully reduce calories to avoid metabolic adaptations and fat loss plateaus. Caloric deficits may need to be adjusted based on lifestyle and daily activity
  • Supplementation
    • Consulting the best supplements to give you an EDGE on your Body Comp Swap journey

Phase 3-peak

By the time you arrive to the PEAK phase, you will have made a big transformation and are ecstatic about how far you've come and results you've gotten. However, you're not done. Our goal in the FIT-EDGE BODY COMP SWAP is to Transform Businessmen into Beasts and get you absolutely ridiculous results by taking everything to the next level...

  • Advanced dieting techniques may be used to further improve body composition (carb-cycling, keto, intermittent fasting, etc.) depending on your lifestyle and body type
  • Reverse dieting (via M.A.C) to be able to maintain and keep the results you got as well as improve metabolic health
  • Advanced workout techniques for magazine-worthy physique appearance: drop sets, rest pauses, giant sets, etc. that are ideal for the look you want!
  • Scaling cardio intensity to push to elite Boss-caliber fat burning results!


Build Muscle, Lose Fat, Keep it that WAY!

What People Are Saying About Our BODY COMP SWAP

“I work long hours...Victor motivated me to stay on track and lose the weight.”

“I am from Greece and coming to America I want to take good care of my family. For a long time I trained myself only lost 13 lbs in 6 months. I look on internet for a online trainer and found Victor. He gave me a special diet and workout to follow. He check on me a lot and I follow everything perfectly and I lost weight fast! I started at 200 lbs and 3 months I lost 25 lbs!  

I work long hours and Victor motivated me to stay on track and lose the weight. I am getting stronger and look better each workout and am so happy!!! I couldn't have done it without you Victor thank you buddy!"

Chronis Siatras
- Pat's Pizza Manager

I was able to drop from 200 lbs to 168 and a waist size of 40 to 30!"

“I been up and down with my weight for the last few years and was frustrated with not seeing the results I wanted. I met Vic in a local gym where he trained at and asked for some advice on how to get in shape. When he was able to take me on as a client we started by fixing my bad habits. By just cutting out the junk food and eating healthier I was able to see some changes in my body fat levels and waistline. But more changes happened when I added the training program with it.

I was consistent over the course of 6 months and I was able to drop from over 200 lbs to 168 and a waist size of 40 to a 30! I was very impressed with the results and am recommending Vic and his coaching business to anyone who wants to see big changes in their physique as long as they are willing to put the work in on the diet and training. Thank you, thank you, thank you Vic!"

-MTA Transit Supervisor

“Go to Fit-Edge if you want to look your best!"

“I wasn't too sure about signing up with Fit-Edge and Victor at first. I had done so many diets before and a lot of them only help me lose weight but never gain any muscle. I only look skinny and don't like it. I make decision to try personal training with Victor and do online diet program and meal prep option with him for 3 months and I am shocked. I dropped from 240 to 220 lbs and got stronger and build muscle! 

He is a very nice guy and works hard to make sure I get results each week. If I am not on track he let me know what I have to do to keep going. Go to Fit-Edge if you want to look your best!"

Alfredo Valdovinos
- Owner A&A Insulation, LLC


To build muscle, lose fat and TRANSFORM your life, more information simply won't cut it - you need the environment...YOU NEED EXPERT COACHING

Proven Process

We've turned the unknown gray area of how to build muscle, lose weight and keep it off for good into a precise science. While other coaches use guesswork, we use a predictable process that has been proven with multiple clients who continue the benefits of their results to this day!

New Training Methodology

We engineered a new way to think and reprogram your mind and daily habits that's so profound, it's like seeing for the first time. Successful people take lifetimes to build their mindset for success. We figured out how to install a new paradigm in just weeks which make the building muscle and burning body fat a cake-walk.

Expert 1:1 Mentoring

Everyone needs help and advice when tackling new challenges especially when it comes to getting in shape and most coaches are out of reach for their clients. Our clients get 24/7 access to experts on Facebook, weekly Q&A calls and email/messaging.

Winning Community

It's hard to change your life when you're surrounded by the people you've always been with. Our clients join a community of other Fit-Edgers on the same path so that dreams aren't laughed at but achieved on a daily basis.

Personal Training

If you're in the Baltimore Area and would like to meet in person for a 30 min or 1 hr personal training session to ensure you are executing the exercises correctly more info here...

Regular People...Ridiculous Results!

“Let me tell you, if you want the best workout, diet and supplement game in Baltimore, Vic is your guy!"

“Met Vic at the local gym just as he was starting to cut his weight down. I was working a lot and my weight jumped up a bit. I asked him for advice for how to cut down and he said he does coaching. I gave it a go. I followed the diet and training Vic laid out for me but more importantly the habit protocol of how I should structure my busy day to make the most out of my gym time and diet.

He even taught me how to eat out on the diet so I can take my wife out a few times per week and still I lost weight. I started at 265 in January 2018 and as of June 2018 I am now 205 lbs! My goal is to get down to 195 lbs where I used to be way back and then add even more solid lean muscle mass. Let me tell you, if you want the best workout, diet and supplement game in Baltimore, Vic is your guy!"

Toledo Richardson
- Thrifty Movers, LLC

“I workout out with Victor for 8 weeks and in that time period I lost 40 lbs!..."

“Victor helped change my whole life around. I weighed in at 298 lbs 38.8% body fat, had sleep apnea, and was wearing a size 46. I worked out with Victor for 8 weeks and in that time period I lost 40lbs! My body fat percentage dropped to 28%. Not to mention that my sleep apnea had improved drastically and I could now fit into size 42 pants. He always made working out fun and changed things up to keep the workouts fresh. I continued following Victor’s diet and workout program after I finished my sessions with him and in 8 months I had lost a total of 102 lbs 22.6% body fat (a final weigh in of 196lbs, and 16.2% body fat), could fit into a size 36, lost over 20 inches, and my sleep apnea had cleared up completely. Without Victor’s help there’s no doubt in my mind that I would have continued to gain weight and my sleep apnea would have gotten out of hand, Victor definitely changed my life around for the better.”

Brian Poe
- Utility Manager for Pepco

Victor Egonu

Founder, Fit-Edge

ACSM Certified Coach

Pro Natural Bodybuilder

M.S. Biomedical Sciences


By the end of the 12 week BODY COMP SWAP Program you will

  • Learn the essential habits that will get your mindset in gear to make both a physique and whole life Transformation
  • Build lean muscle mass as you melt off the fat for a ripped and ridiculously defined physique
  • check-circle
    Learn how to properly track your calories and macronutrients (carbs, protein and fats) so you can add muscle or burn fat whenever you want and keep the results you've achieved (who want's a lease on a million $ body anyway?)
  • Have a new respect for the food choices you eat and how efficiently you do your workouts so that you can better manage your time as the Busy Business Person you are!
  • check-circle
    Understand which supplements are worth taking for your goals and which are a waste of money
  • check-circle
    Know which diet and eating habits are most optimal for your body type and lifestyle
  • check-circle
    Be craving more results and want to take your New Level of Fitness to the Next Level

If you are sick and tired of wasting your precious time looking for the best muscle-building, fat-loss solution and are ready to take action and get the ultra-jacked results you've always wanted so you can reclaim and even surpass your glory days...then tap below to apply now.

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P.S.: I only take on a select amount of high performing clients at a time to provide the utmost quality work. If spots fill up I may not be able to accommodate and you'll have to wait until I reopen the program. I will be honest and say it will require effort on your part but we are assuming you are willing to put your best foot forward and give it your all and so will we. So, hit the APPLY NOW button below to consult with me for your chance of a better body and true life transformation

-Victor Egonu

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