How to Avoid Cheating on Your Fat Loss Diet

Stop Cheating on Your Diet with these tips

There are always gonna be days when you have some really bad cravings and just let go. Your weight then blows up and you worry you screwed up your diet plan. I’ve done it. Your favorite fitness role models have done it. You’ve done it or will do it. Point is, it’s gonna happen. The key is to not be discouraged that you will reach your goal and that we all make mistakes. It’s what you do after learning from the hiccup and how to battle back.

My tips are to make sure you drink enough clear low calorie fluids. 9/10 times people are really thirsty and eat to fill that void thus adding in extra unnecessary calories that can hinder fat loss.

Reduce hunger by eating enough protein and fiber first in your meal and then wait 3-7min before getting up from the table. Try reading a news article or catch up on some emails while this is happening and what you’ll find is once the food has had a chance to “sink in” you’re not as hungry as you thought and you prevented a cheat aka eating more than you are supposed to.

Do a pantry sweep. When I start my contest diets, I ensure everywhere I am is “Victor-proof” meaning that I don’t have bags of goodies lying around or if they are they are unopened and that simply opening them would make me feel guilty thus deter me from doing so.

Plan a refeed day in your diet. This is when you strategically increase your carbs or calories to about maintenance level to improve mental sanity, hormone function and metabolic rate etc. You will find you can adhere to a diet much easier by implementing these regularly once deep into your fat loss phase.

Remain focused on your goal. Write it big and post where you can regularly see it. This can help keep your mindset strong and focused on goal at hand so you aren’t tempted to splurge.

Remember we’re all human and losing weight, although may be important to you for health and self-esteem, it should not be reason to remain upset with yourself. Simply get back on track and execute on your plan to make it happen!


Published by Victor Egonu

Victor is an expert fitness coach at Fit-Edge helping busy business people build muscle, lose fat and keep it that way!