Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life?

Although we're starting to adapt to the "new normal" -social distancing, face masks, etc., these are still uncertain times.

And so I've decided to make my online fitness training program more accessible and affordable to those looking to make massive body transformations (30+ lbs) all with the phone in the palm of their hand. 

 Join our virtual/online community to experience a combination of custom workouts, effective nutrition and motivating accountability that is different from your usual, self-torturing fitness program.

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35lbs lost in 3 months!

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Welcome to Your New Fitness Family

Here's why our members love Fit-Edge's Online Training 

Fat-Burning Workouts

Whether you plan to workout at home or at the gym using safety regulations, your expert fitness consultant will create a customized workout routine that is effective and time-efficient using the equipment you have at your disposal. 

Simple & Effective Nutrition

Watch the pounds melt off week after week by following an easy, sustainable and fat-torching meal plan that you can eat the foods you want by learning the M.A.C. Methodâ„¢ 

a strategic weight loss system to help you predictably achieve your physique goals without the guesswork. 

Motivating Accountability

Life happens. So do missed workouts, cheat meals, and feeling overwhelmed. This is where our quick-fix accountability comes into play by making sure you have a solution to all your problems asap and don't fall off track.

One of the many reasons to join

It's well known you cannot outwork a bad diet. That means if you are looking to make a massive body transformation and lose enough weight to attain head-turning-results you need to ensure you're in a caloric deficit to essentially turn on "fat-burning-mode" But what if that doesn't work? What if you ate nothing but a cup of lettuce for 2 weeks (don't do by the way) and still don't lose weight? Well then perhaps you need to recondition your metabolism using M.A.C. Methodâ„¢ as a step-by-step method to get back to melting the fat away! And do it by eating the foods you like with some constructive advice.

Build Muscle to Lose Weight

Using a seamless streamlined app within your most-trusted side-kick (your phone) you can have a workout with your name on it ready to go. No more guessing which exercises you should do, how much cardio, how many sets, reps and's all taken care of by your expert fitness consultant that will get you to lose weight with ease and all you have to do is open the app, check your workout, do the workout, and BOOM! You get the muscle toning, shaping and sculpting workouts you want.

Handheld to Success 

I don't have to explain that if you miss a workout and don't follow your diet you won't see the results you want right? Well, you won't have to worry about that going on for too long as our fitness consultants will ensure you are checked up on and all worries addressed immediately so you can worry more about what wardrobe will replace your current one due to the massive amount of weight you lose. Weekly messages and monthly calls are planned to help you prepare for success and keep failure at bay!

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