Pick a diet that BEST works for YOU

Although there are more than 4 weight loss diets out there, most branch off from the following
High carb, mod protein, low fat
Low carb, mod protein, mod fat
No carb, low protein, high fat (aka Ketogenic diet, similar to intro phase of Atkins)
Intermittent fasting, combo with one of the other diet’s macro ratio (comment if questions)

Now we’re going to briefly go into each of these
High carb, mod protein, low fat
This is a great diet if…
You cannot live without your carbs
You are in high endurance sports or activities
You have trouble digesting fats (due to small intestine, liver etc. or other medical conditions)

Although this sounds like a fun diet, (it kind of is), it is still a diet and calorie cap-offs do matter. The optimal macro ratio for this is 50% carbs, 30% protein, 20% fats. You can enter this into the “Goals” tab on your own and set the ratios. That way you can easily enter in food choices and monitor your foods

Low carb, mod protein, mod fat
This is a great diet if…
You like carbs but can live without them, or at least realize you are “Carb-sensitive” and by lowering your carbs your body will start burning fat easier
You are involved in moderate endurance or anaerobic activities such as lifting, sprinting etc.

This diet is really easy to be done with a cycling approach aka “Carb-Cycling”. This means you have an average low carb day and you will cycle most days low, a day or two high to keep metabolism revving to burn fat
No carb, low protein, high fat (KETO)
This is a great diet if…
You have a risk of becoming diabetic or family history of it
You are extremely carb sensitive
You want to turn your body’s energy mechanism to burning body fat for fuel (takes 3-7 days usually)
You want to have clean natural energy without crashes from carbs up and down throughout day

This is a very popular diet if you have more than 50+ pounds to lose and want the safest and most efficient method to get there without crazy cravings and energy crashes

Intermittent fasting
Great if you…
Don’t eat breakfast after sleeping 6-8hrs and start meal 1 around 4hrs later (lunchtime or so)
Want your body to run off of fat during your 12hr fast
Like to eat massive meals in one to two sittings vs smaller ones spaced out
This is great if you are extremely busy during your fasting time and couldn’t eat anyway
Want to teach yourself self-control around foods

Now this diet is simply one of the other 3 diets combined with a period of fasting thus grouping your feedings all into one or two meals. Comment or message me for question.

So there we go, I want you to pick one of the 4 diets that seem to fit you best and then get ready for the next post that will prep you for how to adjust your diet if you hit a plateau so you can be consistent and get weight loss results!

Published by Victor Egonu

Victor is an expert fitness coach at Fit-Edge helping busy business people build muscle, lose fat and keep it that way!