Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu

Steak-EDGE 1


This is a fan favorite and signature dinner dish that includes a savory, juicy, steak roast served alongside greens and tomatoes for a nutrient and low carb, protein packed meal that is great for those on weight loss programs!

Steak EDGE 2

Similar to our fan favorite signature dinner dish, this steak meal is served alongside pinto beans for added protein and carbs to refuel after a long rigorous day at the office. Great for those who are looking to build muscle and fill up to recharge after getting home!

Chicken & Sweet Potato

Another nutrient dense, protein packed meal that compliments both a muscle building and weight maintenance goal. This tasty setup is simple yet full of ingredients that will make you want to rethink about eating out to avoid sabotaging your progress!

Shrimp & Eggs

One of our newest additions to the dinner lineup, this savory seasoned shrimp with eggs dish is all you need to keep strict on your low carb diet while filling up with the protein packed sources within. A side of fresh salsa is added for even more ridiculous flavor!