You may think to lose fat and get in great shape you have to eat super clean and healthy all the time. Not true…

In fact you can get a solid diet meal at nearly any fast food restaurant so long as you follow a few guidelines and here they are:

-Order a leaner protein source such as grilled chicken or fish

-Grab an unsweetened beverage such as tea, diet soda or water

-Go with a small order of carbs such as fries or tell them no thanks today

-Top with low fat condiments; good ol ketchup and mustard will do the trick

Then when you are safely parked or back at the office, eat your meal like this…

1) Drink half of your beverage (oftentimes you’re more thirsty than you think)

2) Eat your protein next or sandwich if you got that and eat slowly taking more sips of your beverage in between

3) If you got carbs with your meal, go ahead and eat them now. REMEMBER eat slowly. Np one is after your food u less they are then you have to run and hide!

4) If you did all these steps in order and are satisfied and not overly full, SAVE THE REST for later! There is no harm in having a tasty snack sized meal later on plus it will prevent you from making a 2nd unnecessary trip to the fast food joint again

Let me know what your favorite fast food places are to eat. Also start thinking if you go next, how you can implement these steps

Published by Victor Egonu

Victor is an expert fitness coach at Fit-Edge helping busy business people build muscle, lose fat and keep it that way!