Level 2: Body Comp Swap Program

Online Body Comp Swap coaching is all about saving you time and getting you ridiculous results!

It's true that you could completely revamp your body composition by yourself; losing fat and gaining lean muscle to reveal your desired physique.

However, doing so effectively and in the most time efficient manner requires the right diet, training program and timely adjustments to keep making progress which is where our Body Comp Swap Coaching services come in.

Body Comp Swap Coaching Features


You can't out-train a bad diet! Two nutrition plans are offered

  1. Meal based: a personalized meal plan for those who don't mind consistency and prep their meals at home or use a meal prep service such as our affiliated partner company
  2. Macro based: learn how to track your food intake via our Macro Methodâ„¢ to be able to eat out w/ family and friends while being accountable with your goals


If you're willing to put in the work, be ready to reap the results.

  1. Weekly workout plan based on your schedule
  2. Custom workouts of exercises, sets, reps and optimal cardio
  3. Updated monthly unless otherwise discussed at check-in


Skype/Phone Calls

Although email support is offered, sometimes it is difficult to get the message across. 30 min monthly phone call make sure you get the utmost support to avoid plateaus and keep progress revving!


Email/messaging check-in support is offered to each clientele so that they can clear up any misunderstandings, have questions answered, ask for advice and get the support they need.

Supplement Consulting

It's true that the right supplements with the right plan can give you an "Edge". But there's a ton of different products out there, so figuring out which ones to use and which ones to avoid can be tricky.

  • Optimal supplement consulting tailored to your goals to maximize your training and diet efforts
  • Includes protein shakes, pre-workouts, vitamins, fat-burners, amino acids, etc.
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE consultation on performance enhancing drugs

Progress Tracking

Success is best realized when you don't only focus on where you're going but also how far you've come.

  • Critical assessments of body weight, physique progress photos and body girth measurements make sure you are on track with your goals so that you're getting results and aren't wasting valuable time.
  • If you're not on track with your goals, your coach will make the necessary diet and training program changes to ensure progress.
  • If motivation is a factor, your coach will schedule a call to ensure a positive mindset 

Body Comp Swap Program Application Process


Fill Application 

Fill out the coaching application below. A coach will review your application to make sure you will work well together for optimal results 


Submit the application

Once submitted, your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted. If your application is approved for the Level 2: Body Comp Swap Program, we'll contact you in order to get started.

If for some reason we don't feel you would be a good fit for Level 2, our Fit-Edge Team will attempt to see if our Level 1 Habitual Coaching Program will suit you better.

If neither program is a good fit, we will notify you with recommendations of alternative options. It's rare that it should come to this, however we only work with individuals who are willing to be coached and will put in the necessary effort to achieve their desired body composition 

Who Do We Coach for Level 2: Body Comp Swap

We work with several different client types but the following qualities make for a great match with Fit-Edge coaches. Prior to applying, take a minute to consider if you are:

  • check
    Over age 25
  • check
    Seeking a time-efficient fitness routine to compliment your busy work and or family duties
  • check
    Looking to lose more than 20 lbs of body fat and build lean muscle for dramatic appearance changes 
  • check
    Have at least 3 months workout experience and have access to workout equipment such as that found in our studio or a gym  
  • check
    Understand how to track food calorie intake as well as protein, carbohydrates and fat macros
  • check
    Mentally and physically ready to get serious and down to business. Although we always encourage our clients and motivate them to progress, we're experienced fitness coaches not cheerleaders. Our Level 1: Habitual Coaching Program can be a helpful stepping stone to this more intense coaching
  • check
    In line with our coaching philosophy: At Fit-Edge we believe in two things: getting you ridiculous results and doing so in the safest and shortest time possible by way of consistent adherence to a goal oriented diet, appropriate training program and a positive mindset. Although you don't have to be perfect all of the time we expect you to be responsible for the decisions you make and are willing to be coached

Coaching Application