Fit-Edge Coaches are all about giving you exceptional value and getting you ridiculous results

The Fit-Edge movement requires help. I realized I couldn't do this alone which is why I am building a team of like minded individuals who align with my passion to help people take their fitness to the next level

The Fit-Edge staff and team of coaches are here for you! We strive to create an enjoyable experience while you embark on your fitness journey

Each coach is someone who is highly qualified in their specialty (fat loss, muscle building, cardio conditioning, sport specific movement, nutrition, habit/lifestyle etc.) and who will exceed expectations in giving you the highest value for your commitment

-Victor Egonu, Fit-Edge Founder

If you reside in the Baltimore area and believe you could add to the Fit-Edge team, please contact me


With years of knowledge in biomedical sciences and over a decade of experience as a drug-free pro bodybuilder and personal trainer, Victor knows how to get results safely and efficiently. He specializes in fat loss and building muscle and mindset motivation. He is a body composition expert who uses intensity in diet, training and mental focus to help his clients get elite next level results

After getting sick and tired of being out of shape Justin chose to replace his bad diet and workout habits with good ones and saw amazing changes in how he looked and felt. He is an expert who specializes in habitual coaching for individuals who just can't seem to break the bad habits (skipping workouts, eating and drinking unhealthy, etc.) helping them create consistency in their diet and workouts




Currently in the process of recruiting...