Do you ever wonder are you getting the biggest bang for your workout buck?

When it comes to burning fat you have to burn enough calories and some ways are more efficient than others. Here are the 2 best ways to do it…

1. Circuit Training vs. One at a Time Exercises

Weight training can be done in a circuit-like fashion when you do one exercise after the other without rest until you’ve done all the exercises completely then you take a 1-2 min break. Not only does this speed up the workout but it speeds up your metabolic rate and helps you torch fat faster thus getting you ready for the vacations sooner.

2. Perform HIIT Cardio vs. Slow LISS Cardio

You should do interval cardio training called High Intensity Interval Training instead of the slower, longer duration of cardio if you want to have both a more effective cardio session and an “after-burn” effect that helps you burn more fat longer way after the workout is done. You can do this by going really fast for 30 sec followed by a slow recovery of 1 min. Do this 10x for the full session and you will see results much faster!


Published by Victor Egonu

Victor is an expert fitness coach at Fit-Edge helping busy business people build muscle, lose fat and keep it that way!