Breakfast Menu

Protein Waffles


Two protein packed, crispy, golden home-style waffles are just what you need to kick your day off on the right foot! Served w/ sugar free syrup, these delicious beasts will make you forget you are eating healthy!

Ham, Eggs & Toast

 Scrambled or sunny side up eggs served with mouth watering slices of smoked ham alongside two slices of multi-grain toast!

Protein Toffee Muffin

Another protein packed delicious delight! This phenomenal toffee tasting muffin is great warmed up or cold and add the sugar free syrup or tbsp of honey for a sweet taste you'll never forget!

Oatmeal w/ Fruit

Sometimes simple works best. Try our bowl of oatmeal warmed up and add the side of fruit and or granola mix for a cinnamon, fruity tasty texture your taste buds will die for!