Hey, I'm Victor

Expert fitness coach who helps Busy Business People build muscle, lose fat and most importantly...keep it that way!

Intro: Why

Hey everyone I’m Victor, and for the past decade I’ve been helping people reach their fitness goals as a personal trainer. Why? Because I’m passionate about helping others feel good about themselves and what better way than using my FITness knowlEDGE and experience to help them with their physical appearance. This led me to take action and create Fit-Edge, a premium fitness coaching business. However, time and availability limit the amount of people I can work with in person which is why Fit-Edge offers online coaching as well that will allow me to help more people with their physique goals due to the reach of online and social media platforms.

So, who is Fit-Edge for?

Fit-Edge clients are Busy Business People that value their time and are seeking ways to integrate healthy nutrition and consistent exercise into their busy lifestyles.

Among the confusion about which diet or workout program is best, these busy professionals know when it's time to seek help from an expert who understands their demanding lifestyle and can give them the muscle building, fat loss or motivational solutions they want more readily than reading the article in the latest issue of a fitness magazine. 

The clients we work with are Busy Business People who have a hectic schedule due to work and or family life and need a solution like Fit-Edge to end their fitness frustrations once and for all.

If you...

  • Have a busy career that demands a huge chunk of your time leaving little for fitness & health
  • Are always on the go and need to learn and implement a fitness regimen asap
  • Barely have time for lunch breaks let alone research fat loss programs online
  • Put others' needs first and your fitness needs second
  • Have a demanding job and don't think you'll have the energy to get fit and in shape

The Mission of Fit-Edge

My vision for Fit-Edge is to "Transform Baltimore" (my hometown) by accomplishing my mission to EDGEucate and help Busy Business People through improving nutrition, training and mindset motivation to improve their fitness habits so they can live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives! 

I didn’t just want to create a business but rather a movement that exceeds the expectations of my clients by getting them ridiculous results and taking their fitness to the next level. I want our community of clientele members, Fit-Edgers, to not only achieve their goals but to also help inspire others in reaching next level fitness thus paying if forward.

What you can expect

Fit-Edge coaching is the core of the community for those who are looking for ultra-customized assistance to assist them with transforming their physique. We have in-person, online and hybrid (mix of in-person and online) coaching programs. The blog is where we’ll be providing you with training, nutrition/diet tips, training gear and supplement recommendations, sample workouts, inspiring stories and much more to keep your progress revving and motivation high. We will also post new and engaging content to our social media platforms so be sure to check in there using the links where you can find on the top right of the home page. I want Fit-Edge to be a community that helps its own, so feel free to engage in the comments of the blog or share with someone you think it could benefit. My hope is that Fit-Edge will provide you with results that are beyond what you expected and if you are consuming our content that you find at least one helpful tip or product recommendation that helps you lose an extra pound, get an extra rep, recover a day earlier or run a second faster that you’ll be willing to tell your story of how you enjoyed your experience here so that others will visit and benefit as well (Google reviews are always welcome:) Finally, if you ever feel like you’re lost on your fitness journey, please contact me directly and I will be glad to help you personally as no goal is hopeless even if it feels like it at times.

How I got into fitness

It started during track & field in high school. I was supposed to be doing drills with the rest of the team and the coach would always ask ‘where’s Victor?’ and of course someone would rat me out ‘in the weight room’… some teammates! The ironic part is by me skipping practice to hit the gym (and not getting cut off the team thankfully) I was able to drastically improve my performance and became one of the top long jumpers and sprinters. By training hard, I not only improved my physical performance but my physique took leaps and bounds forward (pun intended) so much so that when a friend recommended I try out bodybuilding I gave it a go, did well, was hooked and the rest is history.

My 8 yr transformation from my track days in 2006 to 2013 drug free bodybuilding days in 2013

I began personal training unofficially in my intro to weightlifting class as a college freshman. We were supposed to use the time to workout but I always found myself spending class helping others with workout plans, nutritional guidance, spotting or just motivating them to progress further. The instructor said I was doing her job and that I should look into getting certified as a trainer and so I did soon after.

Check out my latest interview here:


They’re important but they’re not everything. Having a bachelor’s in biology, master’s in biomedical science and years as a certified personal trainer, I realized that science and fitness mesh together nicely which is how I tend to approach training and diet for me and my clients as well as reviewing new fitness topics or research. However, I also understand experience is just as crucial as it allowed me to practice what I preach. I began my journey of natural bodybuilding around the same time I started personal training ten years ago, and over the years I realized that trial and error is the only way to confirm if a particular training or diet tip will work for you specifically. My advice to you is to learn why, give it a try and then apply. I am really excited for the resource and support Fit-Edge will offer you. So if you are looking for that extra EDGE to get the results you want and take your physique to the next level, sign-up for the newsletter so you don’t miss an update. Also if you’re new, feel free to say hello in the comments and post your goals to spark discussion. Looking forward to hearing from you! Victor


Hometown: Baltimore, MD


Born: Jan 1st! (New Year’s Baby!)

Height: 5’8”

Weight: Contest: 168 / Off-Season: 208

Hobbies: helping and motivating people, working out, good food with good people, animals/outdoors/nature, new training/nutrition/technology/science research, bowling, occasional track sprints, museums, mysteries, oh and playing Zelda! 

Education: Major BA Biology. Minor Economics. Masters of Science Biomedical Sciences. ACSM Personal Trainer

Affiliations: Drug-Free Professional Bodybuilder.

USPlabs & Gains in Bulk Athlete

Personal quotes:

“Make your lazy their hard work and your hard work their impossible”-Victor Egonu

"Work hard in a smart direction"-Victor Egonu

"Make a gameplan & execute it perfectly!"-Victor Egonu



Fit-Edge is a one-stop shop Fitness Coaching Business that provides nutrition, training and online coaching for regular people looking for ridiculous results in the most time efficient manner (ex: losing 30 lbs in 3 months)


Fit-Edge clients are Busy Business People who have fallen out of shape and struggle to get the results they want due to work and or family duties but haven't given up hope. All they need is a solution like Fit-Edge coaching to help lose 20+ lbs of body fat and build lean muscle for a dramatic change in body composition appearance. These business professionals are looking for an all-around fit, healthy and athletic body to match their high performing lifestyle


I created Fit-Edge to fill the gap in the fitness coaching industry which is to help regular people who want to attain elite, next level results. This means, the 38 year old businessman with the dad bod who wants to get shredded abs, bigger arms and maintain the trim waist can do so with Fit-Edge coaching so he can look, feel and perform better. We don't sell coaching, we sell results!


Personal Training & Online Coaching (Levels 1 & 2)

Personal Training: 

1 hour: 1-on-1 or Small group duo

Online Coaching:

An entry program: Level 1: "Habitual Coaching" which helps beginner clients stop unhealthy diet and exercise habits while forming healthy ones. Clients will notice positive changes in appearance, energy and overall well-being. Consistent good habits are the key to results

The high performance program: Level 2: "Body Comp Swap" is for the clients who have more good habits in place than bad or are mentally capable and ready to do so. This is the Fit-Edge signature program designed to take your physique to the next level! Being much more inclusive, clients will have goal-oriented workout and nutrition plans precisely molded to compliment their lifestyle. This program will result in drastic physique changes, more energy, stronger mental grit, and invaluable, high-level fitness knowledge to serve them for years to come

(Apply for your preferred program but if you aren't sure which program is right for you, when we review your application and initial consultation, we will consult with you to help fit you with the ideal coaching program.)


What sets Fit-Edge apart from other coaching services is that we offer in-person training, online nutrition coachingas well as a hybrid combo of the two for program stacking flexibility.

Also, our affiliated meal prep service partner helps clients create better eating habits and get faster results all while enjoying delicious gourmet meals. Fit-Edge is an all inclusive one-stop-shop for the busy businessman's fitness and physique goals.

Finally, Fit-Edge does not look for return customers...we look for referrals. This is due to the fact we EDGE-ucate and help our clients build muscle, burn fat and keep it off for good! The outstanding results from our programs are so exceptional we're confident our overly-satisfied customers will send people our way.


Our studio is located at 416 Eastern Blvd. Essex, MD 21221 in Baltimore County.

In-Person, Online or Hybrid combo of the two, Fit-Edge takes fitness training to the next level with versatility and effectiveness!


In-person training will depend on both the client and trainer's availability. 

Online coaching is available at any time. 

Get started today with our FREE Fat Loss Briefcase Guide "Lose 7 lbs of Fat in 14 Days" that will show you an effective, easy, 5-step method to cut the fluff and reveal the tone!

Victor Egonu

Founder, Fit-Edge

ACSM Certified Expert Fitness Coach

Drug-Free Pro Natural Bodybuilder

MS in Biomedical Sciences

email: victor@fit-edge.org

website: https://fit-edge.org/


Studio Address: 416 Eastern Blvd. Essex, MD 21221