12 Week Body Comp Swap Program

How Chronis lost 30 lbs of fat and gained 5 lbs of muscle in 12 weeks alongside his busy work & family life

Originally from Greece, Chronis moved to the United States seeking a better life for his family. However, once here, he began working 12-14 hour days as the head operations manager of a busy pizza shop and soon realized his lifestyle wasn't going to cut it being a husband and the father of a 3 year old boy. So he made a choice to become a State Trooper but realized the physical requirements would be crucial to his success.

With a somewhat athletic background, Chronis set out with the goal to lose weight and get back into shape. Although he'd lost 13 lbs over the course of 6 months by himself, he wanted more efficient results and knew he could do better even with his hectic work schedule and family life. Chronis said enough was enough and decided to seek guidance of fitness coach, Victor Egonu.

"I am from Greece and coming to America I want to take good care of my family. For a long time I trained myself only lost 13 lbs in 6 months. I look on internet for a online trainer and found Victor. He gave me a special diet and workout to follow. He check on me a lot and I follow everything perfectly and I start to lose weight fast! I started at 200 lbs and 3 months I lost 25 lbs!  I work long hours and Victor motivate me to stick to the plan and lose weight. I am getting stronger and look better each workout and am so happy!!! I am going to keep training with him until I make it into the academy. I couldn't have done it without you Victor thank you buddy!"

Having done some amateur boxing and swimming tournaments in his youth, Chronis was familiar with what working out was but he lacked good nutritional habits and training knowledge that would give him the edge to take his physique and performance to the next level.

Chronis searched online for a good coach who would help him with dieting to lose body fat in the most time-efficient manner as he was working long days managing a business and being a husband and father with no time to figure it out on his own. Once he committed to the Body Comp Swap Program with Victor, it was game time!

Initially, the diet took some getting used to and the workouts were challenging, but after just 2 weeks of not giving up and pushing himself hard through the weight training workouts, cardio sessions and being consistent with his meals, Chronis lost 6 lbs, got stronger and began noticing favorable changes in his body as did his family, co-workers and fellow gym members.

On top of his weight loss and gain in muscle mass, Chronis has also improved his cardiovascular fitness, endurance, strength, has more natural energy and just feels good overall. The Body Comp Swap Program has not only helped him surpass his previous athletic body but also taught him how to train intense and control his eating habits to get in the best shape of his life all in a time efficient manner. 

Although Victor, a previous track and field athlete, and pro drug-free bodybuilder himself, had trained a clients online in the past, Chronis reaching out to him in need was the reason he decided to make it official and launch Fit-Edge- Next Level Fitness Coaching for Busy Business Professionals to help others like Chronis take their physique to the next level. 

Victor's decade of experience in the FITness industry meshes well with his background knowlEDGE in the biomedical sciences to provide his clients with the most effective, time-efficient diet and training programs of any other coaching service out there. He simplifies the fitness coaching programs extremely well as his clients adhere well and get results, fast!

Victor employs safe and highly effective dieting techniques to help clients drop body fat and build lean muscle all while improving their performance and health.

Changing career paths from pre-med to his passion in health and fitness, Victor wants to make an impact in healthcare via prevention by helping people get in shape and improving their health on a grand scale.

In addition to his coaching services, he is expanding by opening private fitness studios in his hometown of Baltimore, MD as well as planning to integrate into after school programs to help the youth with fitness to combat the fast rising obesity epidemic.

If you are ready to take action and apply the simple yet effective dieting and training habit methods that will help you lose body fat and gain lean muscle to regain control of your busy life, Fit-Edge coaching could be the right decision for you. It worked for Chronis and others like him...you can be next!

Fit-Edge Coaching is right for you if:

  • You are over age 25
  • You are a Busy Business Professional who is out of shape and overwhelmed with how to get back
  • You have extra unwanted body fat especially in trouble areas (stomach, lower back, pecs)
  • You want to have more energy so that you can be more productive at work and home after a long day
  • You want to learn to avoid temptations at fast food restaurants and make better eating decisions 
  • You want to have better shape and muscle to fill out your suits at work and look good on vacation
  • You want to rev up your metabolism to break plateaus and ignite fat loss and 
  • You want to improve your self-image, boost self-esteem and match your high-performing lifestyle

What is the next step?

It's time for you to make a decision...

Are you going to believe that your situation is hopeless and that you'll remain overweight, out of shape as you allow your life to spiral out of control? 


Are you going to break out of the trap, take action and change your life for the better by losing the 20+ lbs of fat, gaining lean muscle and taking a more positive and powerful outlook on life?

The decision is yours and I can't make if for you. However, I can coach you on how to achieve your fitness goals and attain the physique you desire in the most time efficient manner. 

For those who decide this opportunity really vibes with you and want to make the commitment to get back into shape and then take it to the next level, I want you to

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Once completed, I will review the application and contact you within a day to discuss the next steps. 

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